Exploring The Shades of The Year

Exploring The Shades of The Year

From the New York Fashion Week Runways to the furniture arena, bolds and bright are the trending colors of 2022. On the top of the list of the year’s trendiest shades are sage green, cobalt blue, and golden yellow. But that’s just the beginning.

If you are planning to give your home a makeover, you should consider the furniture colors trending for the year. However, you shouldn’t forget the cohesive scheme while following the trends.

Now, let’s explore what’s going to attract eyeballs this year.

Color of the Year 2022

Do you know Pantone sets a major trendsetter every year by announcing its “Color of the Year?” And after picking a shade from the existing color palettes every time, Pantone has picked a new shade for 2022. It’s a lively blue color with violet-red used as the undertone. The name is Very Peri.

Isn’t that interesting? You don’t need to go the hard way to add that to your home. You can repaint the living room, get a new couch, replace it with a Magnussen Lancester Bedroom Set of the trending color. Alternatively, you can also opt for light touches of the Very Peri shade such as around a picture frame without going too bold on that.

But that’s not even necessary if you don’t like the shade at all. There’s no fun choosing a trend you don’t even like. Instead, you can choose another shade from the list of furniture color trends for 2022 for your home.

Top Furniture Color Trends in 2022

The last couple of years has been challenging. And that’s what has induced a significant change in how people see their homes and surroundings. It reflects in the deviation of what furniture, especially colors people are preferring now. Here’s a glance at the upcoming furniture color trends for the year.

Natural Colors: A neutral color palette gives a soothing touch to the interiors. So, if you are looking for something like that, tones of brown, gray, beige, and cream are some good options available. Moreover, the versatility of this palette makes adjusting easier with time.
Jewel Shades: If you are looking for some rich tones, jewel shades can be the best picks. These highly saturated hues get their names from gemstones like sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green. It is the richness of the tones that makes them transform the look and feel of a room with a single shade. Depending on whether you want to create a warm or a cool aura, you can choose reds and yellows (to warm up) or blues and greens (to cool down).
Earthy Tones with Shades of Greens: People are more inclined towards bringing the essence of nature indoors. That’s where these landscape palettes and earthy serve the purpose. From soothing greens to tranquil blues, you can create strike the right balance of comfort and serenity with your interior decor. Using colors inspired by nature help create a calming environment while adding life to the space. Shades of wood, copper, and brown have also been proved for their stress-reducing capabilities.
Bold Hues: This brings another alternative to a complete makeover for staying close to the trends. Instead of repainting and replacing across the home, add some bold-hued furniture items. This is a simple solution to add the desired splash of color with a natural focal point. However, you need to be daring to choose the right colors. And for quality, you can look out for the Vaughan Bassett Chestnut Creek Collection .

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