How to Style a Coffee Table

How to Style a Coffee Table

Decorating your own home can be fun and enriching. It starts from choosing the furnishings to matching the colour schemes, creating a theme and adding decor pieces to match your lifestyle and taste. While each and every part of your home needs to be beautified keeping in with their purposes, the living room is the corner that you love to flaunt. The perfect living room decor can reflect the owner’s personal taste and generate positive energy.

A coffee table is an integral part of the living room decor. It anchors the whole decor of the place, creates a mood and makes the living room more interesting. Choosing the correct coffee table sets to match with your sofa, couch or day bed can create a welcoming atmosphere that is loved by everyone who visits your home.

Before you decide to buy coffee tables, you consider a lot of things that include the room size, the overall decor of your home, maintenance and your personal style. Once you have bought it, you cannot just lay it down as it is, hoping it looks good. You will not be able to create a beautiful focal point without styling and decorating it properly.

The most important part of decorating coffee tables in the living room is choosing the correct centrepiece. The next part of the styling will involve creating accents to match the centrepiece and include additional pieces to create a balance. The number of pieces, size of the centrepiece, colour or style, etc. depends on the design of the table. Here are some items that can work as great centrepieces for a living room coffee table in modern homes.

Flowers and vases – Flowers on beautiful vases and pots are the most popular choice as centrepieces for a coffee table whether small or big in size. Flowers are versatile and can add freshness to the decoration. This decor can suit a coffee table in round shape or rectangular or square. You have to choose the shape, material and size of the vase to suit the table design. For example, the Puerto coffee table with a marble top and steel can have a ceramic vase adorned with colourful flowers that can be altered each season. You can create accents with books, figurines or empty vases having unique patterns. Flowers are the perfect decor idea for anyone who is not sure about how to start.

Candles – Candles in different sizes and colours are the perfect items for anyone looking for easy decor ideas. They are available easily and do not cost a fortune. You can combine different sizes of candles to create the look. It will be more aesthetic to combine candles of similar colours so that nothing looks out of place. You can add stylish candle stands and scented candles to the mix to revamp the decor whenever you wish to. Candles can be paired with flower pots, potpourris and metal vases to create an accent decor. This idea can suit coffee tables made of wood or glass. The number of pieces will depend on the size of the table. For example, a coffee table in square shape like Eren cannot accommodate too many pieces. So a simple decoration can be done with a statement candle, one flower vase and a small figurine.

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