Tips to Move Furniture While Relocating

Tips to Move Furniture While Relocating

A furniture removal job is probably the toughest one while relocating them from one place to another. Furniture is a delicate item, and any dent or crack makes it look odd. Displaying a broken piece of furniture to the guests and relatives is a prestigious matter. Moreover, you can lose your favourite piece forever if any part of it gets damaged. Therefore, you should hire professional service providers to reduce the expected damage caused for transport hazards. If you are a resident of Narre Warren South, you can hire qualified furniture movers in Narre Warren South for having satisfying services.

The best furniture removal company always move it by using some tools and tricks to reduce the transport damage. It also helps reduce loading and unloading related damage. Let’s know some of the exclusive tricks that they follow while removing furniture pieces.

1. Carrying tall items high and low

A filing cabinet, tall dresser, or shelving unit is awkward to move here and there. You should make it a two-person job. One of you has to tip the item at its lower part, and the other person should pick the top side. This will help stop swaying and swinging to get out of control. For moving this sort of furniture high and low, you should use stairs, because you can change the carrying angle with the needs of height and width, and adjust with the slope easily.

2. Chairs Are to Hook around the Corner

Large chairs are not easy to move. It is even difficult to pass through the frames of doors. The pro movers “hook” the chair to make it “L” shaped. When you bend it to an L shape, you can easily pass it through the door frames.

3. Moving a Couch

When you have a large couch in the hallway or a large corridor, you will face a great issue in moving it. The first obstacle you will face is to slip it through the door frames. It is difficult to move by keeping it horizontally. So, make it stand to give it an L shape. Then, pass it through the door. Hence, you can hire the top furniture movers in Narre Warren South. They will do it professionally and skilfully.

4. Use shoulder dolly for parallel moving

You can use a shoulder dolly for moving couches and other pieces on the even ground. Strap yourself with the shoulder and hook your furniture to carry it to the desired destination. You can use this process for moving box-type items from the doorstep to the moving van or vice versa.

5. Carrying heavy boxes: use furniture carrying straps

The furniture carrying straps are to wear on arms tightly. These straps are available with different lengths and widths as per the weight and length of the movable boxes and closets. These straps are also known as forklift lifting and moving straps. For small but large boxes, you can use hump straps. Perfect tools and equipment with adequate training make the job trouble-free.

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